The Sevenstar was rediscovered in 1984 by the Dane Jorgen A. Jacobsen Who made the first model of the Sevenstar. As the basic idea, he used the ancient Caldera 7 days week calendar dating back to the Babylonian time, where each Point referring to a Planet (The seven heavenly Bodies.), and in the middle the sign of connection between heaven and Earth, the so-called Steering wheel which make the Harmony between the 7 signsChaldäischer Stern

It was Joachim Wedell- Wedellsborg who by coincidence Found out, that the Sevenstar had an influence and natural resistance on harmful earth radiation. He gathered the first experiences by alternative Treatment with the Sevenstar. He also draw the conclusion about the 7 colours Referring to the 7 Planets, which colour rays some People recognize coming out from Points of the Sevenstar.

Since 1987 has the Sevenstar been produced in the same form for international marketing. All the Stars small or big are made of special materials and measurement, and are very exact constructed for having the best result for its Propose.

In Denmark ten thousands of People are the lucky owners of a Sevenstar, and to day more and more People coming up with thrilled interesting new information about all the possibilities in how to use the Sevenstar for having the best result.

The Sevenstar has been shown in many T.V. Channels and Fairs around the World, where a lot of People are joining in this new Sevenstar Treatment Therapy Form.

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