Keeping Your Immune System in check, and strengthening it , just by Carrying it close to Your body in the daytime and under the pillow in The night. The healing effect will be continuously.

The 7 Star is “The best Antenna in the World”. The exact dimensions of This Geometric diagram makes it work like an T. V. antenna receiving signals, and gives direct access to basic Cosmic wavelengths , and so helps to break down the Blockages causing sickness and helps to re- establish the natural flow of energy in the Human Body. Feel for Yourself,” With or without a 7 Star in front of Your hearth or solar plexus, certainly their will be a different beat in Your pulse. This indicates : the importance of having The Sevenstar around You. Years of experience has shown that the 7Star relieve among others the following Ailments :Muscle pain, Fibrosis's, back-ache Insomnia, Headache, migraine, asthma, allergy, Rheumatism, hearth problems and Tinnitus.

The 7Star is easy to use, and no training are necessary. The healing will begin as soon as You are Placing the Sevenstar on the suffering part of the Body. Behandlung mit dem Siebenstern

Should no effect be obtained after a few minutes, then please use the Symbol on the 7 Star which are related to the Suffering (see Treatment Table). Hold it for a few minutes at a distance of 1-15cm from the threatened Part of the Body. Then slowly move the 7Star away from the Body.

This Procedure should be repeated every day un- till the Pain / Symptoms are better or disappeared. Have You a Suspicion that it is a Serious Disease, always remember to consult Your Doctor

The Sevenstar Treatment Table


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