The Sevenstar, which was rediscovered in Year 1984 has convinced Thousands of People of its great value: Making Healing, Harmony, and balance. Many common saying: Now I can sleep. My Headache is gone. My Back do not hurt anymore. My Asthma has disappeared.

A lot of research around the 7Star and the Sevenstar Therapy form has been done since 1984, and still goes on. To day what really counts: Many Years of Experience has proved: It works, and here we certainly see very clear: Both human and animal; The Result talks for itself it is the best proof: That the Sevenstar is so great.

The Rediscover of the Sevenstar Jorgen A. Jacobsen has in his Book ďThe SevenstarĒ made Statements with hundreds of case Stories around the Sevenstar.:

Some examples:
In fact I have only positive things to say about the sevenstars. I donít really understand why they work the way they do, but who cares about that as long as they Help, and they really do! I should add that I have had my stars for eighteen month. Best wishes P.J.

I would like to recommend the Sevenstar most warmly. It is quite amazing. You just has to believe in it, whether you want or not, the result speak for themselves. There was a lot of earth radiation in our house, but the sevenstar has rid us of it completely. It has also given me masses of energy as well as leaving me in balance and harmony. It is simply wonderful. Else E. Hansen.

I have had an extremely positive experience of the Sevenstar. I was in my holiday cottage and it was only after being there six days that I discovered that my bed was lying over a vein of water or some radiation. Someone in our group had brought a Sevenstar along and this was put under my mattress. It had a very good effect. I slept better, had very clear dreams with wonderful colours, and didnít spend as long asleep. Thatís why I want to have my own Sevenstar. G.W.J.

A damaged pelvic muscle, the result of a childbirth 25 years ago, has plagued me on and off ever since. Joachim used the Sevenstar for 10 minutes on the area, and I went with the star for a few hours that morning in my trousers, and after this I havenít had any trouble at all. Bente AsbjÝrn Hansen.


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